What are the Molson Coors Brands?

June 22, 2008 by General

Coors is responsible for over twenty different brands of beer in North America. The most notable of those brands are:

• Coors “Banquet Beer”, also known as “Coors Original”
• Coors Light
• Killian's Irish Red
• Blue Moon
• Keystone
• Keystone Light
• Keystone Ice
• Zima
• Winterfest (Seasonal)
• Wildwood Westlake lager
• Coors NA (Coors Non-Alcoholic)

Outside of the U.S.:

• Allbright
• Arc
• Breaker
• Caffrey’s Irish Ale
• Carling
• Hancock’s
• Lamot
• Mitchells & Butlers
• Stones Bitter
• Toby
• Worthington

Molson beers

• Molson Canadian
• Molson Canadian Sub-Zero
• Molson Canadian Moncton
• Molson Canadian Light
• Molson Canadian Ice
• Molson Canadian Cold Shots 6.0
• Molson Brador
• Molson Dry
• Molson Special Dry
• Molson Special Dry Cold Shots 6.5
• Molson Bohemian
• Molson Exel
• Molson Export
• Molson Golden
• Molson Ice
• Molson Kick
• Molson Standard Lager (only available in Manitoba)
• Molson Stock Ale
• Molson Ultra
• Molson XXX
• Black Ice
• Carling Black Label
• Old Style Pilsner
• Rickard's Red
• Rickard's Pale Ale
• Rickard's Honey Brown
• Rickard's Yellow
• Rickard's White
• Laurentide (Ale only available in Québec)
• Black Horse (only available in Newfoundland)
• India Beer (only available in Newfoundland)
• O'Keefe's Extra Old Stock (only available in Newfoundland)
• Dominion Ale (only available in Newfoundland)
• Old Vienna

More at Wikipedia.org here and here.

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Herschel Cohen
Herschel Cohen
4 years ago

Original Coors has always been great and credit should be given to the German brewmaster Adolf Coors who created it. Would be a shame if Coors were to ever be sold outright to a foreign country. Let’s hope Coors stays American with respect to it’s German roots. Heil Adolf Coors! Heil Deutchland! Heil America and Heil Colorado!

Gene Caroninpic
Gene Caroninpic
3 years ago

Where can I buy Molson Golden in Oklahoma City, OK?

From Brian’s Belly


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