October 27 is National American Beer Day

October 27, 2015 by News

Raise your glasses America, today is National American Beer Day. This is not to be confused with National Beer Day, which is April 7th. It also happens to be Navy Day (the precursor to Armed Forces Day), so if you're drinking American, why not raise your glass to our men and women in uniform?

It's been a busy month for beer drinkers… Of course the end of September began Oktoberfest, followed by Octoberfest here in the United States. Then October 14th was the anniversary of the date (of the meme) that President Jimmy Carter signed some law that saved homebrewing.

And next month on November 7th, get ready to learn how to homebrew on–wait for it–Learn to Homebrew Day (LTHD). Learn to Homebrew Day was established by the American Homebrewers Association in 1999 to encourage homebrewers to introduce their non-brewer friends and family to the most rewarding hobby, obsession and lifestyle since the beginning of time! [their emphasis… I like brewing, but damn it's a lot of clean up].

So enjoy an American beer today… maybe just skip the pumpkin beers… yuck.

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Robert Matzuga

cheek out USA Red Hook Ale Brewery: LONG HAMMER IPA
It’s a winner at $14.49 for a 12 pak

Kay Davis

What American beer is owned by Americans & not a foreign country?
I only know of Lone Star Beer, owned, made, by America

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