Foreign Ownership Un-Patriotic

June 15, 2008 by Latest
I've been reading quite a few articles on what We The People have been saying about the possible sale of Anheuser-Busch to a foreign company.  I don't think I need to tell you that no red-blooded American has been talking about what a good thing this could be.
Take this article on RedOrbit that focuses on the roots that A-B has grown in St. Louis over the past, oh, 150 years or so.
Then there is the Charlotte Observer who righfully noted that “foreign ownership of the company would be un-patriotic.”
They continue… “With foreign ownership of Anheuser-Busch Cos. a real possibility, beer drinkers may have to choose between their patriotism and their Budweiser.
“It would be like selling off an American pastime,” said Rebekah Dye, a bartender at Morehead Street Tavern. “That would just blow my mind. Bud is just as American as baseball.”

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