What are the InBev Brands?

June 19, 2008 by General
InBev, the largest beer company in the industry, has over 250 beer brands produced and sold throughout the world.  This list does not include the beers acquired from Anheuser-Busch during the great de-iconizing of 2008.
The flagship brands that you will mostly come across in the U.S. are Stella Artois, Brahma, Beck's, Leffe, Boddingtons, Hoegaarden, Labatt, Löwenbräu, St. Pauli Girl and possibly Tennent's.
The brands:
Absolut Cut (Sweden)
Alexander Keith's (Canada)
Andes (Argentina)
Antarctica (Brazil)
Apatinska pivara (Serbia)
Jelen pivo
Pils Light
Aqua Fratelli Vita (Brazil)
AstikA (Bulgaria)
Baisha (China)
BagBier (Russia)
BagBier Classicheskoye
BagBier Krepkoye
BagBier Nashe
Bass (United Kingdom)
Beck's (Germany)
Belle-Vue (Belgium)
Belle-Vue Kriek
Belle-Vue Kriek Extra
Belle-Vue Framboise
Belle-Vue Gueuze
Bergenbier (Romania)
Boddingtons (United Kingdom)
Bohemia (Brazil)
Bohemia Pilsen
Bohemia Escura
Bohemia Weiss
Bohemia Royal Ale
Bohemia Confraria
Borsodi Sör (Hungary)
Boomerang (France)
Borostyán (Hungary)
Brahma (Global)
Breda (The Channel Islands) Still Available
Cafri (South Korea)
Caracu (Brazil)
Castlemaine XXXX (owned by Castlemaine Perkins Pty Ltd.)
Chernigivske (Ukraine)
Chernigivske Svitle
Chernigivske Premium
Chernigivske Mitsne
Chernigivske Temne
Chernigivske Bile
Chernigivske Bila Nich
Chernigivske Bagryane
Chernigivske Fitness+
Diebels (Germany)
Diekirch (Luxembourg)
Diekirch Grand Cru
Diekirch Grande Réserve
Diekirch Exclusive
Dimix (Germany)
Dommelsch (Netherlands)
Dommelsch Pilsener
Dommelsch Ice
Dommelsch Dominator
Double Deer (China)
Premium Light
Dry Beer
Dutch Gold (Holland)
Franziskaner Weissbier (Germany)
Franziskaner Hefe-Weissbier Hell (Germany)
Franziskaner Hefe-Weissbier Dunkel (Germany)
Gilde Ratskeller (Germany)
Guaraná Antarctica (Brazil)
Guaraná Brahma (Brazil)
GuoGuang (China)
Haacke-Beck (Germany)
Hasseröder (Germany)
Hertog Jan (Netherlands)
Oud Bruin
Grand Prestige
Hoegaarden (Belgium)
Hougaerdse Das (Belgium)
Jinlin (China)
Jinlongquan (China)
Julius (Belgium)
Jupiler (Belgium)
Jupiler N.A.
Jupiler Blue
KK (China)
Kamenitza (Bulgaria)
Klinskoye (Russia)
Klinskoye Svetloye
Klinskoye Zolotoye
Klinskoye Lux
Klinskoye Redkoye
Klinskoye Arriva
Klinskoye Samurai
Kokanee (Canada)
Kokanee Gold
Kokanee Light
Kokanee Frost
La Bécasse (France)
La Bécasse Kriek
La Bécasse Raspberry
La Bécasse Gueuze
Labatt Family (Canada) Acquired in 1995
Labatt Blue
Labatt Blue Light
Labatt .5
Labatt Lite
Labatt 50
John Labatt Classic
Labatt Genuine
Labatt Extra Dry Lager
Labatt Wildcat
Labatt Ice
Labatt Sterling
Lakeport (Canada)
Leffe (Global)
Liber (Brazil)
Löwenbräu (Germany)
Löwenbräu Original (Germany)
Löwenbräu Oktoberfestbier (Germany)
Marathon (Brazil)
Mousel (Luxembourg)
Pivara Trebjesa (Montenegro)
Nik Cool
Nik Gold
Nikšicko pivo
Nikšicko tamno
Noroc (Romania)
OB (South Korea)
Oranjeboom (Netherlands)
Oranjeboom Premium Pilsener
Oranjeboom Oud Bruin
Oranjeboom Premish Malt
Original (Brasil)
Permskoye Gubernskoye (Russia)
Permskoye Gubernskoye Svetloye
Piedboeuf (Belgium)
Piedboeuf Blond
Piedboeuf Brown
Piedboeuf Triple
Quilmes (Argentina)
Red Shiliang (China)
Rifey (Russia)
Rogan (Ukraine)
Rogan Lehke
Rogan Tradytsiyne
Rogan Tradytsiyne
Rogan Monastyrske Temne
Rogan Veselyi Monach
Rogan Bezalkoholne
Rogan Kampai
Rogan Arriva
Safir (Belgium)
Santai (China)
Sedrin (China)
Sibirskaya Korona (Siberian Crown)(Russia)
Skol (Brazil)
Spaten (Germany)
St. Pauli Girl (USA)
St. Pauli Girl Lager
St. Pauli Girl Special Dark
St. Pauli Girl Non-Alcoholic
Staropramen (Czech Republic)
Stella Artois (Global)
Artois Bock
Peeterman Artois
Sukita (Brazil)
Taller (Ukraine)
Tennent's (United Kingdom)
Tennent's Super
Tennent's Ember
Tennent's Extra Lager
Tennent's Light Ale
Tennent's Pilsner
Tennent's Special
Tennent's Velvet Ale
Tennent's Stout (Export)
Tennent's 1885 Lager (Export)
Tennent's Scotch Ale (Export)
Tinkov Russian Lager (Russia)
Tolstiak (Russia)
Tolstiak Dobroye
Tolstiak Svetloye
Tolstiak Zaboristoye
Tolstiak Krepkoye
Tolstiak Grechisnoye
Vieux Temps (Belgium)
Wolters (Germany)
Whitbread (United Kingdom) (purchased from Whitbread Group plc in 2001)
Yali (China)
Yantar (Ukraine)
Zagrebacka pivovara (Croatia)
Božicno Pivo
Ožujsko Pivo
Ožujsko Cool
Ožujsko Izzy
Ožujsko Strong
Fresssh by Ožujsko
Zizhulin (China)
Zhujiang (China)
Information comes from Wikipedia

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Fed up
Fed up
7 years ago

filthy politicians who allow. Monopolies. Let them Die early

george limburg
george limburg
5 years ago

after the superbowl ad promoting the dissolution of our borders I will not buy any of your brands. I know it doesn’t mean anything to you.

5 years ago

Since they have become a monopoly, I have sworn off their brands but they are buying up companies so fast I accidentally get one they own on occasion. They have bought so many of the huge breweries and now are grabbing up any craft brewer that has any local market share. I try to keep up with the brands they have bought so as to avoid buying their product.

Gary Smith
Gary Smith
3 years ago

Hi are there any plans to release more plans on Perfect Draft and any plans to make the pricing more akin to prices on the continent

2 years ago

I drink the oldest beer made in America since 1829. Andrew Jackson was President and I bet he drank the same beer too.

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